Can you be homesick for a place you’ve never been? this world seems too bright, too amber-coloured and falling in love is like having two souls – too much. Too much talk sunk in soundlessness too much submarine light and faux-chivalry focus on the starry gap in between your eyes, a fourth of vodka and the dark […]

This wrong world can either beat the poetry out of you or it can beat it out within you in long brawling measures of tough and fisted line. And timing and rhythm are well enough but not all. Pace your precious self for longevity or go all gloriously out in the first round, either way […]

Cut loneliness out of my sleeve, and it’s in the shape of you. Everywhere I go, strangers. Every white car looks like yours. Are you holding it together well? Seems like you’ve got infallible sutures, with the stitching done up right close to your skin. Try and get close, smell the formaldehyde. I can not see the visceral insides […]

sometimes I feel like doing something crazy and stupid and irrational like jumping into a cold lake completely naked or going skydiving and not holding on or signing up for the next hoax Mars expedition or booking a business class ticket to New York City and getting lost at the airport or spending hours tracing glow-in-the-dark constellations on […]

all you really need is a fucked up death drive and three tendrils of smoke, she says you’ve got this, you’ve got this pluck a girlish face from a peach tree, you’ve got this wonderland symmetry – so come with Alice. Let’s have tea cakes and explosions for supper hang from the sulfur-yellow smog of […]

i. Tell me about how blue the sadness is here. Tell me about how you auditioned for seven thousand ocean choirs, your cheeks the cerulean of submerged stars and for a while I thought you were joking when you said I’ll never be as beautiful as the blue that you are. ii. Daybreak and a […]

Our first kiss underneath a glow-in-the-dark ceiling. Can still remember the way the wind scattered exam papers so it followed the wine-stain on the carpet. Can still remember the vestiges of Mercury as she parted her dark seas for the fire-red body of Jupiter. Halcyon skies. Dust and rust and stardust. Our lips missed at […]


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